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Terri-Ann Cameron

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Bio - Hi, my name is Terri-ann Cameron, I am 35 years old and i have always had a passion for sports. This passion was first born out of the desire to lose weight as, despite what some may think, i was not born with a natural slim built. In fact, growing up i was alway the chubby one. As i entered secondary school i wasted no time in signing up for football, aerobics and latin dance. Truth be told, if given the opportunity i would have also signed up for lawn tennis, swimming and basketball (if it was offered).

I soon found out that i did not possess the natural skills that come to some athletes to excel in their sport of choice. In fact, on days that i did not have football training i had to devote my time towards working on my skills to be a better player. Aerobics also paid an important role towards my overall fitness level when i was in training as i was not the most fit individual either. My determination and drive got me through a lot of very tough training days and games which i stuck with up until form 6.

I did not pursue a career in football due to my many injuries that i received throughout the years. Instead i shifted focus towards strength training as my therapist at the time advised it will be helpful in building and repairing my injured muscles and managing the pain that i still to this date experience.

Throughout the years that followed i went to the gym under the guidance of at first my mother, as she was a gym enthusiast as well, and then later, on my cousin. In between these years i would have also dabbled in dragon boat racing, spin, kick boxing, zumba and so on all for the love of keeping active.

The first year that i attended the National BodyBuilding Competition was the year the Bikini Fitness category was introduced to Trinidad and I admired the ladies on stage for their dedcation and bravery for setting foot on stage and performing to the crowd. Sometime after that someone suggested that i give it a try. While i laughed off the notion at first, later on it really had me considering it and formulating all sorts of excuses in my mind both for and against. After much deliberation, I then decided to approach the man that terrified me but whom I had great respect for in the gym, to train me, Mr. Lawrence Marshall.

Many many months of hard work, consistency, sacrifice and tears later i competed in the Sport World Classic. It was the first time they had this category in their programme and i was both nervous and excited to get it over with and show my close friends and family the results of my labour. I went on stage competing against not only fellow Trinbagonians but also other athletes from throughout the caribbean. I did not expect much so i was pleasantly surprised when i was able to capture the first place prize much to the delight of my great support team and the crowd.

After this night, i went on to compete in other National Competitions in Trinidad and in Barbados where i proudly represented my country and made some new friends. I also in my 'off season' competed in Hott '93 Burn Out for fun with a busted shoulder, that i was seeking therapy for at the time, and ended up winning the title Ms. Burn.

Numerous requests later by friends and associates led me to pursure my certification in becoming a Fitness Trainer and then a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition as i did not want my knowledge and integrity to be question by future clients. One of my mottos when it comes to training clients is to train others how i will like to be trained and in order to do that i had to be equipped with the right tools. I soon found that i loved sharing my knowledge, knowledge that not only came from my certifications but also from my many experiences. This knowledge along with the patience and dedication required to provide clients with the best quality training are my greatest assets as a trainer.


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